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Deacon Tom's Website: Homiletically Challenging -- Passionately Catholic.
(With apologies to my friends at Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH)

NEW! NEW!.... Look for Deacon Tom on the wonderful Catholic Family Website hosted by David and Allyson Sweeney. You can find them at www.catholicfamilypodcast.com -- and be sure to listen to David and Allyson on your computer, or your IPOD, or MP3 player. The Sweeneys offer a view of Catholic Family living as seen from the right....

Now read Deacon Tom at CatholicMom.com!

Some Interesting Links
Here are some selected website links - ones that I use.. ones that I receive emails from. people who help me or move my heart. I'll try to list the 'why' I use or the reasons I recommend them. And if you happen to know of certain links that you like - drop me an email (ask@deacontomonline.com) and maybe I'll add it to my list of links. Another part of referral is to recommend a variety of 'programs' -- called Podcasts that you can find at www.SQPN.com. You don't have to have an IPOD -- you can listen/watch most any of these shows right on your computer. (But if you have an IPOD or an MP3 player -- you can have any of these automatically downloaded and then listen to the programs as you drive to work, soccer practice or while on trips!) Oh - one other relative new site that I'd like to recommend is the blog (column) site for Faith and Family Magazine -- a very nice Catholic publication. Their website is found at www.faithandfamilylive.com.

There are so many Podcast programs I enjoy -- I hate to start mentioning any. But among ones that I recommend are: Catholic Moments, Catholic Mom, The Rosary Army, Catholic Family Podcast, Catholic in a Small Town, Catholic Praise Cast and the Saint Cast program. Enjoy -- and blessings. Over on the left side of this text is a picture of David and Allyson Sweeney from Catholic Family -- a nice, family program originating out of Texas -- y'all! Find them and Lisa Hendey and others on the SQPN website mentioned above.


Margo B. Smith - www.margobsmith.com

I heard an interview with this wonderful Catholic songwriter and vocalist. The first two of her songs that I listened to were about Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and about the Beautiful Unborn Baby (in her womb). I just knew I wanted to know her, to pray for and support Margo's work. You can find her words and music at www.margobsmith.com Enjoy!


Coming Home Network - http://www.chnetwork.org/

If you happen to be a Protestant pastor, perhaps an Orthodox clergy person -- or a lay person interesting in prayerfully considering a look at... perhaps studying a journey towards the Catholic Church -- this site, the Coming Home Network is suggested for your consideration. They provide fellowship, contacts, and support for people of other faith traditions. Please take a few minutes to visit: http://www.chnetwork.org/


Saint of the Day - http://www.americancatholic.org/Features/SaintofDay/


Small Talent Music - http://www.smalltalentmusic.com/

Small Talent Music is about bringing people to praise and worship of our wonderful God. Visit my friend Chuck's website -- he helps to support Church ministries, charities and projects. You can find Chuck at: http://www.smalltalentmusic.com/


Rosary Army - www.rosaryarmy.com - Our goal is to remove every obstacle a person may have to praying the Rosary, including giving them a free Rosary of their own. We do this by living by our motto: Make Them. Pray Them. Give Them Away.


CatholicMom.com - www.catholicmom.com - If you haven't heard of Lisa Hendey -- my goodness. She's one of the most prolific voices in Catholic new media. My own association with her started when I began reading various columns on www.catholicmom.com . After a while, Lisa invited me to be a contributing columnist there. Lisa also does a podcast just about each week: www.catholicmoments.com  It's about all things faith, family and fun from a Catholic perspective. Lisa also writes for www.faithandfamilylive.com  the blog for the Catholic Faith and Family magazine.... lots of great authors contributing there. Lisa Hendey is a wife, a mom, a webmaster, a podcaster, an author and a very dear friend! Check out her various activities -- and for an overview of her talents -- look at www.lisahendey.com


Our Lady of Combermere - www.madonnahouse.org - Our Lady of Combermere -- this beautiful custom creation in bronze is a shrine established just outside the 'big white house' -- the formation house for the Lay Apostolate called Madonna House. The most unusual pose shows Our Lady running with arms open to embrace us and to lead us as her children to her son, Jesus Christ. Madonna House is a place of prayer and a simple way of daily life. Yet is is faithful to the Gospels and it has spawned many vocations. It is a wonderful place to visit or to find a new life. To learn more or to order books and other items -- go to www.madonnahouse.org



Some of the folks who find my Deacon Tom website are either deacons or men interested in learning about becoming a deacon. Another place you might look at for the words and thoughts of another deacon is to visit my friend, Deacon Jim Papillo from Hartford, Connecticut. His site is located at www.catholicdeacon.org

Deacon James F. Papillo was ordained a Catholic Deacon in the Archdiocese of Hartford on June 12, 2004. He received a doctorate in psychology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and was a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University and the University of California at Los Angeles. An attorney, he graduated from the University of Connecticut Law School in 1991 with honors. Gov. John G. Rowland appointed him as Connecticut’s first State's Victim Advocate in 1999, heading an independent state agency that protects and p romotes the rights of crime victims in the state of Connecticut. Deacon Papillo is married with one daughter -- and he is quite involved in Respect Life matters.


Holy Spirit Interactive - www.holyspiritinteractive.net




Father Pat's Place - www.frpat.com

Father Pat Umberger is a pioneer in faith-based internet communications. His site and work originate from Wisconsin where he is a pastor. But his reach seems around the world. He offers a daily meditation and prayer email, and he has a nice weekend reflection email that he offers as well.


C'mon Back - http://cmonback.com/indexa.htm

This is actually another Father Pat Umberger site. If you or a friend have been away from the Catholic Church…. or if something happened to cause you to distance yourself from practice of the faith – I invite you to take a few minutes and look at some of the areas where people have found healing and help. (And by the way – I welcome your email questions or prayer needs as well! – Deacon Tom)


The Reason For Our Hope - http://www.thereasonforourhope.org/

One of my favorite pastors – a great homilist – a great teacher – May I introduce you to Father Larry Richards – currently (2007) pastor of Bread of Life parish is Erie, Pennsylvania, and frequent speaker and parish mission leader around the country. I’ve listened to dozens upon dozens of hours of his videos, audiotapes and CD’s… I’ve gone to Reconciliation (Confession) to him… and don’t tell him—but I’ve ‘stolen’ some of his homily material for my own homilies. May you be blessed by spending some time with Fr. Larry and his marvelous, if outspoken and humorous style of communicating. [NOTE: If you don’t order anything else – I recommend THE TRUTH CD or tape. Give it to someone who is a nominal Christian – or to a young person who wonders what all this ‘faith stuff’ is about.


Hasneh Media - http://www.hasnehmedia.com/toc.htm

Hasneh is from a Jewish word related to the Bible story where God revealed Himself to Moses. This site originates from the years of work of Father Francis Martin – one of the most gifted Scripture scholars, charismatics and contemplative teachers you’ll encounter this side of Heaven. I’ve listened to hour upon hour of his teachings at retreats – Fr. Martin is a jewel and a treasure. Whatever your faith – you will learn so much from him. Shalom!


Saints by Date - http://www.americancatholic.org/Features/Saints/bydate.asp

As Catholics know – the Church maintains a calendar of various saints’ days. This link is to the Franciscan website (Americancatholic.org) but specifically to the web page for saints memorial days – by date. You can also do name searches and such. I often use this site for preliminary information about the ‘saint of the day’ for my homilies and studies.


Readings and Psalms for the Month - http://www.usccb.org/nab/index.shtml

This site is the direct address to go to the readings of the Masses. So if you are a Lector – or if you have a desire to look at the readings for the Mass of a special day – this is the place.

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