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Reflections on the Catholic Faith - Library

Welcome to the Reflections on the Catholic Faith Library. Here you will find all reflections on the Catholic Faith organized by month.

September 2010 Reflections
May-June 2010 Reflections
April 2010 Reflections - Reflections on Easter and Spring
March 2010 Reflections - March Meanderings
February 2010 Reflections
January 2010 Reflections
December 2009 Reflections - Challenges to prepare us for the Coming of the Christmas Miracle
November 2009 Reflections - A Month for Giving Thanks and for Action
October 2009 Reflections - The OTHER Woman in My Life
September 2009 Reflections - This fall... this September, how about if we go back to the basics?
August 2009 Reflections - What is Your Relationship with the Lord Like?
July 2009 Reflections - The Lord Be With You
June 2009 Reflections - The Spirit of Pentecost
May 2009 Reflections - Acts of Faith
April 2009 Reflections - The Power of God is Coming to Life!
March 2009 Reflections - Lenten idea or challenge: getting serious about Scripture
February 2009 Reflections - A "Blaising" Healing Faith
January 2009 Reflections - A New Year. A New You?
December 2008 Reflections - Mary is the Reason for the Season
November 2008 Reflections - Stepping Stones to Sainthood
October 2008 Reflections - Falling in Love (Again) With The Little Flower -- St. Therese of Lisieux.
September 2008 Reflections - Passionate Christianity
August 2008 Reflections - TRANSFIGURE US O LORD!
July 2008 Reflections - A Summer Faith Journey
June 2008 Reflections - Prophets and Scripture: Then and Now!
May 2008 Reflections - Spring Into Holiness... and Happiness
April 2008 Reflections - Easter Celebration
March 2008 Reflections - Lenten Preparations
February 2008 Reflections - Entering Lent with a proper heart.
January 2008 Reflections - It's All About Jesus - But it Starts with His Mother
December 2007 Reflections - Advent - Come, Lord Jesus, Come
November 2007 Reflections - All Souls: Yours, Mine and Others
October 2007 Reflections - A Married Catholic Deacon's Secret Girlfriend and Other Faith Practices
September 2007 Reflections - Voices of Leadership in the Catholic Church
August 2007 Reflections - Transfiguration in the Catholic Church
July 2007 Reflections - Experiencing Mary and Words about her Son's Parables
June 2007 Reflections - Views and Prayer Experiences of the People of God
May 2007 Reflections - The Apostles, Pentecost and Charismatic Experiences
April 2007 Reflections - Reflections on Easter
March 2007 Reflections - Reflections on Lent
February 2007 Reflections - Reflections on Politics and Faith
January 2007 Reflections - Reflections on God
December 2006 Reflections - Advent Journey and Holy Waiting.
November 2006 Reflections The Communion of Saints and Family Thoughts.
October 2006 Reflections - Heroes for a (your?) journey. Some Aren't Even Saints.
September 2006 Reflections - Psalm 139 -- I knew you when you were formed in the womb.

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